Zap shows us some of the bikes that have impressed him so far

Nicolai’s Nucleon 16 is the first production bike we’ve seen to feature the new, high-pivot, Supre Drive drivetrain, which was designed by Cedric Eveleigh, a 26-year-old Canadian mountain biker with a degree in mechanical engineering.

The Nucleon 16’s Supre Drive drivetrain is so revolutionary that the bike frames that use it have to be designed around the drivetrain.

Nicolai’s Nucleon 16 rear derailleur doesn’t look like any other rear derailleur we’ve seen before, except on Cedric Eveleigh’s Lal bike, which he designed for use with his new Supre Drive drivetrain.

“A MTB at heart…closes the gap between e-mtb and e-moto.” That was how Nicolai described the EBoxx Ultra. This bike is not a Class 1 electric bike but a cross between an eMTB and an e-motocross bike. It’s available with and without pedals and has 15-35 kilowatts of power and 275 newton-meters of torque. It weighs from 55 to 65 kg (121.25 to 143.3 lb.) and offers Italian-made EXT suspension. It will be available in the summer of 2023. It will come in two sizes. Price: 13,000 euros with pinion gearbox and street legal; or 10,000 euros for the MX version. There are 5 riding modes. The bikes come with Gates belt drive, a  UB-1 battery, and 200mm of front and rear travel.

The Bold LinkIn LT bike hides the shock inside the frame next to the bottom bracket, similar to some of the new Scott frames. The Bold’s linkage rotates around the bottom bracket. There are four models: the Ultimate 150 and 135 models, and the Ultimate 150 Pro and 135 Pro. For more information visit

A close-up view of the shock placement inside the Bold LinkIn LT frame.

This view of the Bold LinkIn 150 LT frame shows the innovative rear triangle design with the shock hidden inside the frame above the bottom bracket.


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