Five tunes for dialed in performance with multiple brand forks.

MRP Introduces New Custom-tuned Lift Damper 


Most mountain bike rides are good. On a good ride, there are no crashes, you hit your typical lines, and you’re happy you got out. 

On a great ride, however, you find the courage to tackle a feature that’s previously been intimidating you, maybe you set a PR on an oft-ridden loop or snag that KOM you’ve been chasing. You finish the ride buzzing and stoked to ride again. 

At MRP, we believe that having the best performing parts goes a long way to boosting your confidence – enabling you to raise your comfort zone, push your limits, and elevate good rides to great rides. Making that difference is what drove the development of our exciting, new Lift Damper. 


Lift Damper 

Featured in our new Ribbon LT and Ribbon LT Coil forks, as well as being offered as an upgrade damper for many Fox and RockShox forks, Lift represents the culmination of several years of lab and field testing designed to deliver that key ingredient to great rides – confidence. 


Confidence in Setup 

There are five tunes offered for the Lift, matching rider weights from 110-270 lbs. Weight-specific shim-stacks provide riders with perfectly matched damping and full usability of the external rebound and compression adjustment ranges. Each of the twelve clicks provides an even step-change in damping and gone are indistinguishably open and uselessly restrictive positions. Lift gets you dialed-in quickly and exactly. 

Confidence in Performance 

The valving in the Lift Damper has been designed to deliver a seamless crossover from the low to high-speed circuits and provide a predictable and responsive, terrain-hugging ride. Flow-path optimization and advanced needle shaping have minimized fluid turbulence, yielding quiet operation and superior sensitivity. Off-the-top suppleness hits a new benchmark with our coil-backed, low-friction Chocoluxe IFP. But none of that tech means a thing if system friction overlaps heavily with damping. That’s why we worked with industry leader IGUS to feature their latest flange bearing material in our seal head and utilized PTFE in our piston to virtually eliminate friction. Lift provides damping that’s distinctly smooth, so you can push your limits comfortably. 

Confidence in Longevity 

Lift is built for everyday riders who literally RIDE EVERY DAY. Tightly controlled manufacturing and assembly has allowed us to push the Lift service interval to a whopping 200 hours. Lift internals are produced in-house, many on our precision CNC Swiss screw machine. No specialty tools or equipment are needed for service, and the Lift’s cartridge format makes removal and reinstallation clean and easy. Whether included in an MRP fork or purchased as an upgrade, each Lift Damper is dyno tested as a quality control step to ensure perfect performance. Lift is built to bring you years of great rides.

Available for most 35, 36, and 38mm fork models from Fox and RockShox, as well as earlier MRP Ribbon and Raven forks, Lift Damper Upgrade Kits are easy to install and provide an immediate performance upgrade for forks with basic dampers, light and heavy riders unable to adequately tune their current forks, or riders simply looking to take their forks from good to great. 

The Lift Damper is one of several updates to the new Ribbon LT and LT Coil forks. 

The Ribbon LT is the tool for any job. Available from 140 to 170mm of travel, call it a long-travel trail, all-mountain, or enduro fork, because it’s ready to ride anything you are. 

The brand-new FullFill 2 air-spring in the Ribbon LT is the most adjustable air-spring on the market. FullFill 2 gives you not only the ability to set positive and negative air pressure independently, but also features adjustable negative chamber volume. This addition, coupled with Ramp Control technology, provides full control over the shape of the spring curve. 

The Ribbon LT Coil is for riders who want to skip “coil-like” performance and just get the real thing. Offering 150 to 170mm of buttery travel, the Ribbon LT Coil eats every trail obstacle but will leave you hungry to ride more. 

Both Ribbon LT models get our new ACV (Automatic Casting Vent) system to relieve excess pressure in the lower casting, so your spring rate and overall ride feel are never affected – without requiring you to hit a bleed valve. 

 cross our full MTB lineup, forks receive new premium metallic graphics from Ground Keeper Customs, the leading supplier in custom decals. 

Custom as Standard 

For the ultimate in customization, we offer our ShredKOTE custom paint program with 19 color options. Plus, riders can have their forks delivered “Ready to Shred” with damper and spring settings pre-set from the factory, steerer tube cut to their requested length, crown race and star nut installed, and with any required brake adapter included. 


The 2024 suspension range is available now at More product details, compatibility information, and further insight into MRP technologies can be found on our newly refreshed website. 

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