Photo of the Day: Early Mountain Bike Suspension Frame

IMGL7952oldframe750 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Don Koski brought this old, prototype, rear-suspension mountain bike frame, which he built around 1974–based on a Matthews Mono-Shock BMX frame, with an Ashtabula fork and a Yamaha DT2-250 shock — to his Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2014, to show to the crowd. The rig shown here was made of mild steel. The front triangle was taken off a Schwinn Varsity 10-speed, he tells us. “I fabricated the rear triangle from .065 mild-steel, square tubing,” recalls Don. The setup shown here weighed somewhere around 20 pounds, by his estimation. “It was a boat anchor!” says Don. You can check out more of Don’s old bikes from the Koski family’s Cove Bike Shop in Tiburon, California, at Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action

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