Bradon is a young freeerider on the way up

(Photos by @logangallaghervisuals)

KHS team manager Logan Binggeli shared the news about the team’s newest rider.

Bradon Sweeney is a 20-year-old freerider and racer from St. George, Utah. He lives less than an hour’s drive from the Red Bull Rampage site so it’s a safe bet that he’s got a lot of great terrain where he can practice his skills. On top of that, he’s studying mechanical engineering, which should make him a valuable addition to KHS when it comes to evaluating and designing new bikes.

Name: Bradon Sweeney
Age: 20
Career start: 2018
Discipline: Freeride Mountain Biking
Birthplace: St. George, Utah
Current Home: St. George, Utah
Nationality: USA
Weight: 190
Height: 5’11″

“My name is Bradon Sweeney, I am currently 20 years old and based out of St. George, Utah, where I have resided my whole life. I started riding bikes nearly 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with the freeride scene. Freeride mountain biking is definitely my everything, followed by slopestyle mtb and DH racing. On the freeride offseasons I started racing three years ago and found myself to be quite successful and have been working my way up since. Growing up near the home grounds of Red Bull Rampage has been a huge constant motivation for me and my freeride career. In 2021 I started attending Utah Tech University where I have since graduated with an associate’s degree and returned studying for a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, hoping to one day help advance the MTB industry. I feel absolutely blessed to live in the freeride capital of the world and cannot wait to see what the future holds!”



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