The third-generation Powerline features a completely new frame, updated geometry, and new features.


Sage Titanium has redesigned its Powerline hardtail to handle both steep climbs and challenging descents. Its name is inspired by part of an XC course at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl called Powerline Trail where Sage says hardtails would crush the climbs, but short travel forks couldn’t handle its steep, straight, boulder minefield of a descent.

Sage says it designed this new third-generation model to combine the speed and agility of an XC race bike with the playful, downhill capability of a trail bike. They claim its fast-yet-capable geometry and 130mm fork make it the perfect bike for crushing climbs and conquering challenging descents. This revamped model is designed to fit between the racy XC-focused Optimator and more gravity-focused Flow Motion. We reviewed the V2 Powerline and loved it – this new version should be even more capable.

The third-generation Powerline features a completely new frame, updated geometry, and new features. It has a 3D-printed chainstay yoke, full internal routing options, and a frame made in the US from US-sourced Titanium. The newly designed 3D-printed chainstay yoke replaces the flat, CNC’d plate behind the crankset on the driveside. This new yoke is curvier and can accommodate a 34-tooth chainring while also increasing tire clearance from 2.5″ to 2.6″ without adding to the chainstay length. In addition, the new yoke offers smooth internal routing for shift cables or wires, adding to the bike’s sleek and modern design.

Sage Titanium’s Powerline v3 now incorporates an internal routing system for all control lines, which run inside the frame through the downtube and chainstays. This includes the rear derailleur shift cable or wire, rear brake hose, and dropper post remote cable. However, if a customer prefers an external rear brake line, this option is still available.


With a head angle of 66º – a full 1.5º slacker than before and a longer trail – Sage says riders can expect even more aggressive descending capability. The bike is still designed around a 130mm travel fork, but the Powerline’s head tube and geo have been updated to accommodate for increased axle-to-crown heights in modern forks.

Sage says that prior Powerline v2 models were designed around earlier Fox 34 forks, which had a 537.1mm axle to crown and 51mm offset. However, the latest MY23 Rockshox Pike Ultimate is among the tallest with a 551mm axle to crown and shorter 44mm offset, so the new Powerline is designed around that measurement, which keeps geometry in check when using other popular forks, as well.



“The Pike is a bit taller than the 2023 Fox 34, which has a 544mm axle to crown height,” says Sage Titanium founder and designer Dave Rosen. “So the bike was intentionally designed around the taller fork to prevent it from getting too slack if it had been designed around a Fox 34 but then someone put a Pike on it.”

“The bike felt great, really well balanced, I didn’t want to change that neutral body position,” Rosen says. “You get on the trail and you just kinda sit in the middle of it, giving it a surefooted feel on both the climbs and descents without having to overcompensate on either.”

*Measurements in Millimeters, with 2023 RockShox Pike Ultimate (130mm travel, 44mm offset, 551mm axle-to-crown).




The Sage Powerline v3 specs include:

• 34.9mm clamp/31.6mm seatpost

• Boost Spacing

• T47 bottom bracket

• Internal Rear Brake, Shifter Cable & Dropper Post

• 1x Drivetrains Only

• Mechanical and Electronic Drivetrain compatible

• 44mm straight headtube fits any fork

• Made in USA 3/2.5 titanium tubing (US sourced, frame is US made, too)

• 3 bottle mounts on Medium, Large, and XL sizes (two inside, one underneath). Small frames get 2 bottle mounts (one inside and one underneath)

Frame price starts at $5,200. Complete bikes are built to order with your choice of drivetrains, forks, wheels, tires, and cockpit. Sage says the average bike price ranges from $10,000 to $13,000 including choice of finish. For more information visis We will be reviewing the new Powerline V3 soon so stay tuned to Mountain Bike Action for a full long-term review.


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