RevGrips is best known for their suspension grip technology, but there’s more to this small American brand than just that. Their Pro series stem is a beautifully machined piece that packs more features than any stem we can think of. The removable GoPro-style mount works for POV cameras, lights and other accessories.
The coolest, and most unique feature has to be the integrated and stealthily hidden bell. The bell is tucked away in the unused space between the steerer tube and handlebar with a very convenient and useful silencing switch.
RevGrips Hand Guards are manufactured in the good-ol’ USA, made of high-strength, transparent gray, Polycarbonate. The same stuff they make bullet-proof “glass” from. The Mount is 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum, anodized Dark Gray to match their other components. The mount is specifically designed to work with all common mountain bike brake and shift lever combos, and to leave plenty of room for adjustments.
Another new update to a perennial favorite product: the suspension grip bumpers are now a single piece of rubber, rather than four tiny ones that were all too easy to lose under the workbench if you drop them during install. Nice!
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