An alloy wheel that checks all the boxes.

A mountain biker’s dream wheelset would strike a perfect balance between lightweight agility and durability. It should be strong enough to transmit the rider’s power while absorbing the small chatter and big chunder. Plus, it should be built to last without breaking the bank. And that’s exactly what Race Face designed its new Turbine Wheel to achieve.

Race Face says the new  Turbine Wheel is the result of optimizing the Enduro World Series-winning Turbine R wheel for even greater strength and vertical compliance. They claim it can withstand the abuse of even the most aggressive enduro racers while providing increased traction and comfort that every rider will appreciate.



The rim’s Anvil Edge is a wider rim edge designed to disperse the energy of a pinch flat across a broader, flatter surface, reducing sidewall tears and extending the life of  tires. Designed with distinct cross-sectional shapes, the front wheel is designed to provide additional compliance for a smoother ride, while the back wheel prioritizes strength and durability for optimal wheel compliance. The Turbine Wheel is not only claimed to be more durable than its predecessor, but it’s also less expensive at $799 per pair.



These wheels are coverd by Race Face’s Lifetime Warranty, inclusive of crashes. If you crash and destroy a wheel, the warranty applies. The warranty covers all product failures related to riding, inclusive of crashes. If you dent or flat spot your Turbine rim and your tire no longer holds air, the warranty applies. Seam separation and/or cracks at the spoke hole are also covered. Hub wear such as bearings or freewheels are covered by a 2-year Limited Warranty. All non-bearing hub issues, including crash damage, are covered.


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