Tyler McCaul Celebrates 15 Years with GT

“Certain moments in time can completely alter the path of our lives in an instant. For me, that moment came in 2009 when I was presented with the opportunity to sign my first pro contract with GT Bikes. At the time, I could have never imagined that if I fast-forwarded 15 years, I’d find myself fortunate enough to still be doing the same thing and have the same passion for riding as I did back then. Many things have changed over the years, but the one thing that’s stayed the same is the bike I’ve had gripped in my palms and underneath my feet every pedal along the way.

This project reflects on some of the time spent with GT over the past decade and a half. We’ve shared podiums, injuries, triumphs and defeats, and I’m eternally grateful for all that I’ve gotten to experience thanks to GT giving that 19-year-old kid a chance.

As I go into my 16th year riding for GT, I’m filled with gratitude for all we’ve shared and the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. Looking back to the beginning of this journey, it feels like it was a lifetime ago, but also like it was just yesterday. Time is a funny thing!

Let’s keep the Good Times rolling…

Thanks as well to everyone who has pointed a camera in my direction over the past 15 years, and to Jeremy Grant, Keith White, and James Stokoe for helping bring this video to life.”Tyler McCaul

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