World’s First MTB Handlebar and Brake System with Hidden Cables

The new Magura Cockpit Integration, aka MCi, is the world’s first hydraulic brake that’s fully integrated into the handlebar. The MCi provides riders a stealth cockpit by hiding and protecting all cables and hydraulic components within the bar, with the added benefit of better aerodynamics. The MCi, part of the new Magura Integration Series, offers enhanced functionality and effective protection against crashes and mechanical damage. The design of the new MCi also makes it possible for manufacturers to consistently extend the design language of the frame into the cockpit.


The heart of the MCi is a cylinder hidden inside the handlebar grip area. The dimensions of the expansion reservoir and piston diameter of the MCi are directly related to Magura’s MT series brakes, giving the MCi the same stability and braking force of the MT’s.

The cockpit and brake line are linked together via Magura’s new Easy Link plug-in connector, providing easy access for service. Brake bleeds are handled in the same way as standard MT brakes using Magura’s Easy Bleed Technology (EBT).


The revolutionary new Magura MCi cockpit will be introduced at Eurobike‘s Media Days, July 2-4, 2019. The presentation will be made by Magura’s partner, a German brand manufacturer, with the MCi cockpit system mounted to one of its production urban bikes. The bike will be available to customers sometime in 2019.

Initially, the MCi will be reserved for OE partners only. Magura will act as the MCi system supplier and will specify the components such as handlebars, stem unit and, cable routing during the development of any respective bicycle manufacturer. An aftermarket version is not planned for the near future.

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