The legendary team is increasing its backing of up-and-coming riders

JT Fisher. (Photo by Jame Stokoe)



Yeti has been between the tape for nearly 40 years. Racing isn’t just a marketing exercise for us, it’s the foundation the company was built upon. We like to say our bikes make people faster, but we know full well that over all these years, it’s been the people who have made our bikes faster, too — people whose name you might recognize, like John Tomac, Juli Furtado, Missy Giove and Myles Rockwell, just to name a few.

An incredible number of greats have come through our race program, and a large part of why, is our commitment to developing the next generation of talent. For over 20 years, our development programs have worked to create a funnel through which some of the world’s fastest have reached the top. Aaron Gwin, Eliot Jackson, and Kasper Woolley all came through our development program. So did our own Richie Rude, along with many others.

Making the world’s fastest bikes goes hand in hand with our ability to identify, bring in, and hone talent from around the world. Which is why, even as others tighten their wallets on racing, we’ve doubled down on the Yeti / FOX Devo Team, casting our net farther than ever to provide better support for developing riders.

Kate Lawrence. (Photo by Dave Trumpore)

Along with our North American Devo Team, consisting of Kate Lawrence, Jack Brown, and JT Fisher, we’ve expanded this year to support existing efforts in the South Pacific, opening up a pathway for regional champions to test their mettle on the world stage. Australia’s Leanna Curtis and Thomas Locke are joined by New Zealand’s Joe Millington and Bradley Harris to form the 2023 Yeti / FOX South Pacific Devo Team.

Support doesn’t just stop at bikes and team kits. Mentorship has always been a major part of the Yeti team ethos, and Devo riders benefit from the vast resources and knowledgebase of the Yeti / FOX Factory program. Under the tutelage of Sports Marketing Manager, Damion Smith, race legend and Performance Coach, Jared Graves and Factory Team Mechanics Shaun Hughes and Mark Hild, riders are given every opportunity for success. Devo athletes are brought into the fold to see how the Factory program prepares for a race weekend, all in an effort to close the gap between hometown hero and world champ.

Jack Brown. (Photo by Jame Stokoe)

Those countless images you’ve seen of Yeti / FOX Factory athletes at the top of biggest podiums in the world, that’s the pinnacle. Devo is how we get there.

Special thanks to FOX and Shimano, who continue to support all our racing efforts.

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