More durable, cost-effective design for iOS and Android



Motion Instruments, the leading brand of user-friendly suspension data analysis systems, has completely revised their design, adding performance and durability while significantly lowering the price. It is also now available for iOS and Android platforms.

“After a grueling two-year effort, we are excited to launch System 2, along with adding Android support to the MotionIQ app,” said Founder Robert Przykucki. “We developed System 2 after seeing the abuse of mother nature and pro-level athletes unleashed on our first generation system. The high cost of that system prevented many from experiencing the benefit of data analytics to tune their ride. Longevity, accuracy, and an affordable price point were the guiding principles we adhered to while developing this product.”

Motion Instrument’s System 2 is designed to make the suspension tuning process easier and faster. The system is simpler to install, easier to understand, and more durable than any system on the market. Using suspension data and insights provided by the MotionIQ app, the system provides excellent information to help riders make educated adjustments to improve their bike’s handling and control. With this data, you don’t need an engineering background or a wealth of suspension knowledge, and even the most seasoned riders can improve their ride.

System 2 is designed to work with cross country, trail, enduro, and downhill air spring forks (dual crown forks require a DH Mount fork adapter, sold separately). The new Fork Tracer can easily adapt to different bikes with minimal setup time and the Rear Tracer simplifies capturing rear suspension activity.

One of the main features of the new system is its user-friendly design. It runs on rechargeable batteries that last over 20 hours of run time. Based on feedback from hundreds of customers and elite racers, the reliance on expensive and problematic potentiometers has been eliminated. System 2 uses electronic position sensing with no wearing of electromechanical components. It is IP67 rated which is 100% waterproof and can be used in any weather conditions with confidence. Continuing with the innovation delivered in our first generation system, no data logger is required to record data. Use your smartphone or Apple Watch to live stream your data wirelessly.



(Left) The Fork Tracer uses an innovative induction sensor to capture position without a wearing constant contact mechanism. (Right) The Rear Tracer measures the angle rotation of a linkage pivot using a precision magnetic positioning sensor. Unlike traditional potentiometer-based systems, both front and rear designs are 100% electronic and do not wear out with normal use.


The heart of System 2 is the MotionIQ app. It records data while you ride your favorite trails or dial in a racecourse. Use your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android to gather data wirelessly and make recordings, then view the results instantly on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android. All your data is stored securely on your iCloud account or your favorite cloud storage provider.


The MotionIQ app organizes the data into usable charts and comparisons, taking the guesswork out of dialing in your suspension. Riders will not only maximize their suspension to improve pedaling efficiency and take the hits, but also balance the character of the bike and improve the overall control. Most of all, it gives riders the confidence to know they are on the best setup possible.



(Left) Riders can easily look at bike balance with a couple of charts to independently see the front and rear and how they compare. Compression and Rebound charts are also isolated to view independently. (Right) In this example, Compression was lightened on the fork to get the balance closer. This adjustment helps keep the feel of the front and rear suspension similar and improves control, as reflected by the chart. Further tuning may be required, but the effect of damper change is easily seen on the graph.


With System 2, you’ll see how much of the travel is being used at each wheel, and the time it’s spending there. You’ll be able to make educated adjustments and see how those changes directly affect your ride. With lightweight cross-country bikes, suspension efficiency is critical to gaining speed, adjusting to different terrain, and adapting as you get faster. For enduro, you’ll want to find the right balance between pedaling performance and bump absorption over a variety of terrain. And for downhill, you’ll squeeze every microsecond you can out of your bike, and even be able to compare changes immediately after each practice run.

Whether you’re riding a cross-country, enduro, or downhill bike, fine-tuning your bike’s suspension will not only give you a better ride, it will also improve your efficiency and control, and lessen fatigue. You may feel that your current setup is adequate but it may just be the beginning of what’s possible. And you’ll never know without data.

MSRP – Pre-orders start May 15, 2024; Orders will begin shipping June, 2024

Complete System 2 Kit – $499; includes free MotionIQ app (iOS or Android)

DH Mount – $49.99 (required for dual crown forks, sold separately)

MotionIQ Pro – $99/Year; adds several key features (listed in presentation, link below)

What’s In the Box

• Front Tracer

• Rear Tracer

• Strap Kit

• Adhesive Kit

• Magnet Kit


Spare Parts

Strap Kit – $29.99

Magnet Kit – $19.99

Adhesive Kit – $14.99


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